Rose Construction Ltd. promote a resposible and proactive approach to environmental and waste at every level of our operations in Ireland.

We are commited to managing our operations with diligence and with the awareness that our goal is to minimise potenitally adverse effects on the environment, and we give high priority to the prevention of pollution to air, water and lan. Our objective is to achieve the highest standards of environmental protection through continual improvement in environmental performance across all operations of the business.
It is the individual responsibility of all Company employees to support and apply the environmental policy as it peryains to their activities.

We will endeavor to…

-Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and government policy, and the environmental requirements of our clients.
-Assess the actual and potential impacts of our activities on the environment.
-Adopt Industry Best Practice to develop management processess and operational procedures that prevent pollution, minimise waste generation and maximise the efficient use of resources.
-Enhance communication with employees, customers, suppliers, contractors and all interested parties regarding our environmental performance and objectives and targets.