Quality is one of our company core values and a huge factor in our strategy, Quality come from everyone involved on our sites, employees, sub-contractors, suppliers.

Traditionally in our industry a designer or client inspects a building at Practical Completion and issues a snag list. We strive that our finished projects should be delivered completely free of defects or snags. Supplying exceptional quality at all times.

We have a quality cycle that starts with the designers and includes quality planning, samples, sub-contractor evaluation and supervision, Inspection plans.

Our quality circle system is currently being developed throughout all our current projects, we have developed the system keeping in mind the need to ensure that the system enhances the quality of the finished product rather than document’s for the sake of documents.

Our site management teams are fully committed to producing a quality product and are up to date with the latest software for use in scheduling and programming projects of all sizes.

Our approach to the project is non-adversarial attitude with the emphasis on a joint team effort between all parties.


Comply fully to the Clients specific requirements
Total Commitment to Quality
Process approach to Quality Management
Excellent reputation for metting Client needs
Constant internal and independent external evaluation
Continuous improvement of QMS